06 décembre 2005

Epinal Jumping Jacks

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Angela a dit…

Pita, these are great!

Do you know where I can find a medievil-type of game or toy, similar to this? My son is having a Medievil themed birthday party on Christmas Eve and he wants give his friends a fun favor!

Please let me know, if you find anything! Thanks,

pita a dit…

hi Angela
my english is so limited , i don't understand what is "medievil-type game" some thing with castle dragon ,horse ,king ?? please give me an example;
;-)) Patricia

meggiecat a dit…

I'm just crazy for jumping jacks. Thanks for sharing

pita a dit…

hello Meggiecat
happy you like it (i have a "pierrot" but i can't find it! where i've put it ???) , I also post Little paper-dolls on "agence eureka" and i post others more later
A bientot

Angela a dit…


Your english is fine... you understood the meaning perfectly. Yes, Ian is about to turn 6 (on Christmas Eve) and he LOVES dragons, knights, castles... that kind of time period!

Now, you will have to teach me French! ; )

I would love to know if you find anything!

Jess a dit…

I had a book with these jumping jacks in it whenI was little! Soo Fun!

elly a dit…

dank je wel

Anonyme a dit…

Magnifiques, les pantins